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Ever since Barrado came into being, we have manufactured and distributed plush toys that put quality, design and safety first. In 2019, we decided to incorporate a wave of new official licences, most of which were rarely seen in the soft toy sector because they appeal not only as playthings but also as collectibles. Indeed, we had identified a major opportunity to take the plush toy further. And having the experience, vision and ideas to do so, how could we resist giving it a try?

We work with the best international licences.

Our focus? Cinema,TV, anime, classics, videogames and children’s media.

Also geared towards the kidult and collectors’ market.

Aligned with the most popular trends and storytelling franchises.

Continuously evolving.

Our top licences

  • Stranger Things

    The Netflix series that revolutionised popular culture.

  • Harry Potter

    Let your imagination run wild with plush toys from the unparalleled children’s epic

  • One Piece

    The best-selling manga of all time.

  • Dragon Ball

    The legacy of a never-ending story.

  • Naruto

    One of the most successful animes of all time

  • Asterix

    Welcome to the little realm of indomitable Gauls.

  • Black Clover

    Magic, darkness and adventure: the ingredients of a unique anime series.

  • The Little Prince

    The classic tale by Saint-Excupéry that has united generations.

  • Hunter x Hunter

    Action and adventure for fans of manga.

Other licences

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Our officially licensed soft toys also go further geographically. We have transported our plush toy manufacturing experience beyond our own borders and distributed in different countries across Europe and the Middle East. Because the passion for storytelling, play and collectibles is a shared one.

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