Harry Potter

Wholesale Plush Toys Harry Potter

Wholesale Plush Toys Harry Potter

Let your imagination run wild with plush toys from the unparalleled children’s epic

Harry Potter is undeniably much more than a series of books and films. Since its publication in 1997 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the fantasy tale born of J.K. Rowling’s boundless imagination, has become a cultural sensation whose impact has been felt across the globe. The magical world of Harry Potter has not only won over avid bookworms and gained loyal followers of its films, but also enticed ardent collectors of its merchandise. Videogames, homeware, clothing and, of course, Harry Potter soft toys.

Harry Potter plush toys Harry Potter plush toys bring part of this fantasy realm into the homes of those who never tire of revisiting the exploits of the aspiring magicians for whom Hogwarts is both a sanctuary and an infinite source of adventure. As expert manufacturers of plush toys, we at Barrado distribute official Harry Potter soft toys that  capture the essence of the series’ iconic characters in painstaking detail. Quality is our identity hallmark and, from the main character himself with his emblematic scar, to his loyal friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, our Harry Potter plush toys bear witness to this fact. Nor have we forgotten Dobby the house elf or Harry Potter’s loyal owl, Hedwigindeed, the range also includes a Dobby plush toy and an exclusive soft toy of Hedwig, complete with a removable letter in her beak.

Suppliers of Plush Toys in Spain and Beyond

Our objective with the Harry Potter soft toy range is to go far beyond the plaything. As manufacturers and suppliers of plush toys, it is our desire to connect adults and children with this magical world and bring to life characters who have left an indelible mark on popular culture. Bringing these soft toys to people in different countries, who time and again have devoured the novels, implies nurturing their inner child, fuelling their enjoyment, and empowering them to go beyond mere play. For this reason, featuring the Harry Potter collection within our portfolio makes us feel especially proud.

Officially Licensed High Quality Plush Toys

Quality is our identity hallmark, and it is what guarantees that the soft toys we design, manufacture and distribute are not only attractive, but also safe, for people of all ages. Because there is only one way to connect safe play with the world of collectibles, and that is by making high quality plush toys.


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